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Consider for a moment what’s needed to deliver successful transformation.First comes strategic planning; your ‘future state vision’.  Then there’s a governance framework, programme definition, capability assessment, enterprise architecture, process engineering; all leading to portfolio management and your successful implementation of change.

Standford can provide all of these.  More importantly, we’ve the ability to link them cohesively so that they’re shared across entire organisations and structures.

We see the broad picture, but never lose sight of the detail.

Whether it’s individual work packages that respond to specific requests or fully-resourced and costed programmes, our wide-ranging expertise allows us to function at any level of a change programme.

Standford personnel are drawn from all business sectors.  Our depth and breadth of experience means we’re fully versed in the methods and technologies of transformational change.What does transformation look like to us:


“No two situations are the same, so a one-size-fits-all, blanket approach doesn’t work.

What’s required is the ability to be adaptable, individual, empathetic and creative".

Philip Hughes

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