fine engineering is as much about good design and planning as is it about innovation

Whatever we do, whether a fully managed programme or individual assignments Standford provides you with a managed environment. This will generally be with one the Standford principals or a senior associate.

What kind of things might be included in a change programme (of course, this isn't the full picture):


Good governance is about making the best use of your resources in pursuit of your strategic aims; with transparent process and the ability to demonstrate compliance and adherence to standards. A robust governance framework is essential for transformational change, to help make the right choices, assess risk and measure progress. It’s all about responsibility, leadership, control and ultimately, accountability.


Standford’s approach to strategic planning is all about listening, we won’t turn up with a set of weary old slides. We work alongside you so that your objectives are met in a timely and cost-efficient way – we enter your world. Small enough to be adaptable yet big enough to solve the most complex of challenges, we’ve flexibility built in. 

Programme definition  

Standford recognises the difficulties involved when facing business change. We're also fully aware of the implications of change for organisations and people. Our experience, skills and expertise will help you face change no matter how challenging 


If transformation is taking you to places you’ve never been before are you sure you have the capability to deliver it? An honest assessment of the capability of your organisation - in all its facets - will bring the opportunity to fill gaps by training, recruitment or buying in the skills you lack.

Enterprise architecture  

EA is about looking at the whole of your organisation to inform decisions about how to change it.

Technology, systems, processes and information; and there are different views of it for different people. One person’s black box is another’s capacity challenge. Aligned with robust governance EA helps to move an organisation forward in the most efficient way making effective use of your capability. 

Process engineering  

Process engineering, for us, it's about much more than mapping out current or future processes. It's as much about the ‘feel’ of the organisation as it is about defining individual processes; and it’s about the people.

We will not simply map your business processes, we’ll use tools and skills to integrate them into your business. 

Portfolio management 

You have the vision, the strategy and the definition of your change programme; a big undertaking that isn’t part of your normal business.

Why would you have all the right people just waiting around to deliver it? The management of transformational change requires skill and experience. Our business is change and we can provide the managers and specialists to meet your capacity needs. 

For us Portfolio means all the elements that go to make up your change programme; from vision through people to implementation.

Programme management is the heart of everything Standford does. Through sound strategic planning, good governance and by working in close consultation with clients, we've an enviable track record in delivering business programmes successfully. 

service delivery across the board

Standford personnel are drawn from all business sectors and we also work with specialist businesses partners. Our depth and breadth of experience means we’re fully versed in the methods and technologies of transformational business change. 

Programme Management Office Implementation 

Many organisations do not have a suitable structure to support complex programmes but are now seeing not only the benefit of a Programme Management Office but also of having it established in a structured way where accountability, responsibility and management are transparent. Our approach is to provide a consultant who works with you to create the office and its structures in a way that supports and drives your programme. Once again, where appropriate we will use tools to ensure the structures are embedded in the business and processes. 

"Too often consultants just tell you what you already know. Standford’s approach

was different. They didn't just come in and hand out a solution. They took us on a ‘journey of discovery’; they described the principles of good governance and various governance models, helped us determine the right one for our needs and then guided us through the successful implementation of the governance framework". 

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Individual assignments   

Many organisations will not have all the expertise needed for a major change programme ‘on the bench’ and most experience shortages of staff from time to time, especially when

new structures and systems are being implemented. Standford provides

experienced personnel with the relevant application skills that work

with and within our managed framework. 

  • These might include:
  • Change managers to help you plan the  procedural and personnel changes that are inevitable when change happens;
  • Specialists in specific disciplines such as Customer Relationship Management, Electronic Document and Records Management, systems such as SAP ECC, VoD, IP/TV, advanced secure Digital Channel Platforms, or with experience of Investment Management, Order Management Systems, Supply Chain plus Logistics; Agile methods challenging conventional wisdom regarding systems development processes and practices whilst effectively putting process on a diet and mentoring people and teams: Scrum, Agile, Crystal, FDD, Lean and DSDM methods;
  • Situation assessment specialists to check  out where you are with a troublesome part of a programme;
  • Mentors to work alongside your own people  and provide experience, support and advice; 
  • Recruitment advisors;
  • Procurement specialists;
  • Individual project  managers to work on individual or multiple work streams. 

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