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Whether it is determining your vision or strategy, reengineering your business processes, establishing your programme management office or delivering the change programme within an effectively governed framework we bring together precisely the right mix of skills and experience to meet your transformation programme; one size doesn’t fit all.

Look at any website or company literature these days and they will talk about their values; ethical, environmental, financial, human resource.  At Standford we value our clients.We value their uniqueness.

In return they value the way we work with them, the way we enter their world.

“We engaged Standford Group partners to help us with a major piece of transformational

planning.Standford's consultants were able to help us consolidate our thinking and help us put together a case for transformational change.They also captured and used our enthusiasm for improving services beyond current expectation to identifying a model we can use for the future".

Standford, we listen and discuss

There’s always been change but today change is transformational.  It changes all your business.  Standford Group was established to help organisations bring the necessary rigour and disciplines to manage complex transformation programmes.

Standford loves change.  All our experience, all our skills are about making change happen. Like our clients, we must be able to adapt and develop.

So, we are based around our principal partners, who together bring immense experience and expertise gained in the private and public sectors and use our network of associates and business partners to enable the flexibility and freshness that must be brought to transformation programmes; your change programme is unique.

Mervyn Smith

Infrastructure Director.

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